Super Mario Defence

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Category: Sidescrolling defense, Army, Mario/Sonic, Fun/Crazy, Only Mario
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Previous tower - Flip tower (When placing) - Next tower - Scroll left - Scroll faster (Hold) - Scroll right - Menu (Hold) - Sell selected tower - Pause
Game Description
Bowser was about to unleash havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom with his latest contraption, the DUPLICON 3000, until he accidentally dropped it into the warp pipe and sent it to Mario and Luigi. Now they have harnessed its multiplication ability and are using it to clone themselves and attack Bowser's Castle. Help Bowser defend his castle from wave upon wave of Mario & Luigi clones! Choose different defense "turrets", such as a spring board and a bob-omb cloud, to keep the plumber parade at bay. Make sure to upgrade your turrets to keep up with the more powerful enemies. Good luck!
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Super Mario Defence
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