Lollipop Kingdom

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Category: RPG & MMORPG, Level up
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t move around; press twice or to run
attack; to jump; whirlwind; - to change weapons
for recovery, but needs to pick up items first
Game Description
Lollipop kingdom is a beautiful island,there was paradise where children play fun,but now here has been seized by evil and horrible the king of octopus.It drives its minions to do bad things everywhere,inhabitants of the island suffer unspeakably.Fortunately, the legendary lollipop warrior in expectation of people.He will use lollipop as weapon and fight against the king of octopus and its minions.In order to expel the enemy completely,he must get through the difficulties destroy the enemy's lair.He will encounter numerous enemies along the way ,and the enemy will be more and more powerful.So the lollipop warrior also need buy more powerful equipment to improve his strength.For early recover the peace and joy of kingdom,courage to go forward!
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Lollipop Kingdom
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