Hood Episode 1

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Category: Thinking, Violence/Blood, Point & click
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Hey guys, hope you dig it. -Space Bar mutes the game. Q: This game is too short? What's the deal? A: I just ran out of space, but I plan on releasing sequels quickly, with as short a wait as possible between episodes. Hopefully this will compensate. I'm a firm believer of quality over quantity, I'd rather my games be short and interesting rather than long and boring, if possible. ^_^ Q: Stuck at the fog. A: You can also combine items, you have to combine three items to get past the fog. Q: Did you work on Alice is Dead? A: Yes, I co-created it. Q: I'm stuck at the wolf's head, where he's just starring at me. A: That should be fixed, there is an arrow in the upper right corner, it is black. Click it. Sorry, wolf's kinda a pain that way. :P
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Hood Episode 1
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