Heidi One

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Category: Shoot'em up, Space, Spaceship
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Move - Plasma - Missile
Game Description
1) Clear all enemy activity to complete a level. - Missing a checkpoint costs 100 gold. - Shield upgrades become available when you have over 600 gold and fully restored shields. - Stay clear of floating mines! 2) Old fashioned retro gameplay based on a new concept. The game plays like asteroids with lots of new elements of gameplay added. You are set up with one fighter ship, armed with plasma guns and missiles. To clear a level you need to wipe out all opposition. For each enemy taken down you receive a powerup, or gold. You'll also notice checkpoints popping up, missing one costs 100 gold. With gold you can buy missiles, and either restore or upgrade your shields. (the upgrade becomes available once you possess enough gold)
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Heidi One
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