Father OMalley 3

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Category: Retro arcade, Violence/Blood, Zombies
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move - jump - throw a cross
Game Description
Father O'Malley has defeated the Zombie Lord, and forestalled the apocalypse. But now he must escape from the Crypts of Na'uta before they are consumed in a fiery sea of destruction. Drained from his battle with the Zombie Lord, Father O'Malley must struggle to the surface with his last ounces of strength. (This is a truly absurd game that got less development time than it deserved -- but my one game a week deadline was looming, so here you have it -- I think it's probably still good for a chuckle and a few minutes of fun. It was also a first experiment with the Flixel engine, which has been a breeze to work with: http://flixel.org/)
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Father OMalley 3
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