Escape from Zargnon

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Category: Unity3D, Guns, Swords, Alien, Level up, Space, Spaceship
Move - Jump - Hit - Shoot
Game Description
Stranded on an alien planet, help Quasar Quinn escape from planet Zargnon! Quinn has crashed on a hostile planet, and her ship has been damaged and stolen. Help her fight across a dangerous landscape, fix the ship and escape. On the way, hone your skills, learn new attacks and take on more powerful enemies. Escape from Zargnon is a third person, 3D side-scrolling adventure game. To repair your damaged space ship, you must work your way across a vast, hostile alien world. Along the way, you'll become a more powerful fighter, and learn new skills (including a jet pack, laser, missiles, proximity grenades and the ability to convert enemies into minions!). Chapter One of the adventure includes the first 5 stages of Escape from Zargnon. New enemies will appear, and new skills will be earned as you complete these stages.
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Escape from Zargnon
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