Corrupt Cop.

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Category: Shoot'em up, Guns, Car, Fun/Crazy
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Drive - Drift/Speed up - Shoot
Game Description
You control a police car in an overview 3D world where your main objective is to destroy the cars around you. There 28 levels, 5 types of cars, and 3 types of laser to avoid. Every level gives you a ranking depending on how fast you completed it. Are you the fastest driver alive? Then master drifting and try to set the fastest high scores in all the levels! Good luck! Cheats: Type "cheats" during either the title screen/menu and a cheats window will popup. You'll unlock cheats as you type them: 1. thisgamestoohard - Infinite health 2. iseerightthroughyou - Lasers don't touch you 3. seriouslywhereareyouguys - Invisible enemies 4. wherearemyglasses - Continuos motion blur 5. justlookatme - All lasers become aiming lasers 6. ijustcandothis - Unlock all levels perm. 7. justapeekplease - Unlock all levels temporaily 8. pushingmearound - Enemy cars don't shoot 9. iseedeadpeople - All cars are parked civilians 10. ifitwasthiseasy - All cars are civilian 11. imgonnagrabacap - All cars are taxis 12. doesitgetmoreblack - All cars are black pursuers 13. omgintoxination - All cars are neurotoxic pursuers 14. superfxchip - Pixelated graphics 15. rocketfuel - All cars drive at 2x speed 16. thisissuicide - Shooting cars shoot more rapidly 17. flatasdenmark - Make all buildings flat
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Corrupt Cop.
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